Skin Care Spatula

Skin Care Spatula

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Add spatula to any order containing body butters and whipped scrubs.

Please note that quantity cannot exceed amount ordered

  • Using Spatula, gently apply liberally to wet skin in a circular motion (do not apply to face). 
  • Allow water to remove grainy residue and leave oils on the skin. Do not scrub off.      
  • Gently pat dry with a towel and allow oils to soak in skin. 
  • If extra hydration is needed, follow-up with your favourite BB Body Butter.     
  • Use 2-3x a week,  patch test reccomended. 
  • As this product does not contain any preservatives it is best to remove amount needed before entering shower and store oustide of shower.         

Use liberally over body after shower or bath. Reapply as needed.

We reccomend a small patch test