Product Care

Are your products temperature stable?  
• Due to the nature of our products - butters - we recommend storing BB products in a cool dry place to prevent any change in texture (melting /solidifying). To increase shelf life of product, please use a spatula or clean/dry hand to scoop products out.

Are your products 100% natural?
• We offer 100% natural products (no fragrance added) as well as 97% natural products which have a fragrance added. We recommend doing a patch test of all our products before applying.

Are your products vegan friendly?
 all the ingredients in the products provided to you are vegan friendly, no animal derived ingredients or sourced materials are used in the manufacture of the products.

If your butter or scrub melts/ freezes:
Melting or freezing does not change quality or benefits of product! To soften, let thaw out in room temperature. To solidify, place in the fridge until desired texture is met. 

Body oil & cold temperatures:
• Oil may crystallize & separate in very cold temperatures, this is because we only use unrefined shea for the ultimate benefits. Before use shake well or run under warm water.

Do your products contain preservatives:
No, we do not add preservatives in our products and recommend that you use our skin spatula or a dry hand for use.